Mistakes Don’t Define Us

Mistakes Don’t Define Us

Mistakes Don’t Define Us –

Dear WordPress Friends,

I thought of personalizing this post with each and every one of your names, but I guess just “WordPress Friends” is fine, this time.

So, I’ll just jump right in…

I’m so glad that mistakes don’t define us!

1). I decided to sell my house on impulse, and live in a van so I could be free, like a bird. Bathrooms shouldn’t be a problem because there are outhouses everywhere. Right…? Ya, wrong. 😯 Oops… Bad mistake.

Mistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGN

2). When I got mad at my $3,500.00 laptop for deleting the longest, most heartfelt letter I’d ever written in my entire life, I finally did what I have always threatened to do: I threw my device out of the highest window I could possibly find. (It didn’t feel as good as I thought it would).

Had it actually hit that guy walking by, I would have been wearing a bright orange jumpsuit for a loooong time. (Just on a side note, I look terrible in bright orange). ☹️ (Really, no one was hurt, except my laptop). Still… bad mistake.

3). I accidentally cut off a cop on the freeway. You know, they don’t like that. I mean, I didn’t know it was a cop, at the time (how could I possibly know that it wasn’t just a normal white car with a few black, bold streaks painted on it to make it look fancy? I believe I was unfairly tricked). Still… bad mistake.

It’s fine; I still love Police Officers for keeping us safe from criminals, killers, and terrible drivers.

Mistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGNMistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGN

These are just a few stupid mistakes I’ve made, but don’t worry, I have tons more.

It’s true that our mistakes don’t define us, but some of them can certainly have long-lasting consequences.

Hugs to all,


Copyright ©BBYCGN

Mistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGNMistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGNMistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGN

Mistakes Don’t Define Us, BBYCGN
Please repeat 1,000 times…

Dogs with Wings

Backwards People

Donut Zone!


  1. Wow! You sound like me. Your ideas are not stupid. They are you. They are what you think of, and they are authentic and undeniably you. What others think does not matter. You are the “unique” in Monique!

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  2. Couldn’t help but chuckle at these! I’ve often been tempted to throw electronic out the window, but I’m glad nobody was hurt when you did because you’re right, bright orange isn’t the most flattering colour. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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