Special WordPress Friends, Narcissist

Special WordPress Friends, Narcissist, BBYCGN

Special WordPress Friends, Narcissist:

Excuse the construction going on here, but I am revamping my site which will take a bit of time to do amongst the many summer activities that I have planned. (I love swimming, Aerial Yoga, and music, to name just a few of my hobbies)!

Anyway, I truly appreciate your patience until I return with all my posts back in place.

Incidentally, I am having trouble, again, with a hoovering past Narcissist and his clan of Enablers who are harassing me again, on Pinterest, so I closed down that account, as well, for the time being. I block them, of course, but they come back with more fake profiles.

The particular Enabler who contacted me, last night, in the attempt to harass and stir me up, showed absolutely no growth, whatsoever, in her words to me, despite the passing of two years. In fact, I think as far as “wisdom age” is concerned, she might be getting younger.

I do not consider their interference to be a problem, but merely an inconvenience in which I really am rather bored after their countless, past attempts to control and intimidate me over these last couple of years.

At any rate, closing down my Pinterest Site, as well as Twitter, has been a positive change for me because now I will have more time to do some of the many activities I enjoy during summer, which also keeps me strong and physically fit.

I still plan to write posts now, and then, on WordPress, even in the midst of summer activities and also while I continue to revamp my site. So, I hope to still see my many WordPress Friends’ posts, as well.

I will keep you all updated on my activities and news.

I am now going to search for a lovely picture to attach to this letter for all of you to enjoy.

WordPress Friends, I hope you like this photo I chose for you: (I think you will like the contrast of the deep smokey colors surrounding the bright sunset, amongst the rich greens, and their surfacing reflections in the silver-blue lake).

Copyright ©BBYCGN

Special WordPress Friends, BBYCGN
To My Special WordPress Friends. Hugs!


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