Liebster Or Lobster Award

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Liebster Or Lobster Award –

My amazing, built-in Spell Checker keeps trying to change “Liebster Award” to “Lobster Award”. And, I don’t even like Lobster! But, I do like the Liebster Award, and am greatly humbled to be nominated.

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Thank you, dear Manessah, for nominating me

for this most wonderful award!

It made my day when you said you had chosen me;

I am up for this challenge, and well-equipped with my ink-filled sword!


New Nominees and guidline are on the bottom of this post!

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Did someone say, “Lobster Award”???

Liebster Or Lobster Award

11 Facts About Myself:

1). I am a Christian who God is still very busy with in molding, as I tend to be a bit stubborn.

2). I try to say a lot in very few words in order to hold the reader’s attention (which is because my own attention span floats above the clouds, somewhere…ov’r the rainbow… uh).

3). I am a backwards sort of person, and people seem amused by the things that seem completely natural to me, and likewise, I am amused by their weird stuff, too.

4). I love to swim in fresh water creeks, rivers, my bathtub, and other non-chlorinated bodies of water.

5). I find that trying to think of 11 things to tell you about myself is really quite fun!

6). Even when I’m alone, I imagine hilarious scenarios and laugh my head off, uncontrollably- (it has happened at church several times, but I try my best to control it).

7). I am a highly sensitive person, and cry at things that others might not cry about (I cried watching the movie, “ …”; I forget…but, I know I cried over it).

8). Some days I am a strict vegetarian, and other days, I am not.

9). I have an Ariel Yoga Swing in which I love to hang upside down, high above the ground, while twirling in 360 degree spins, as fast as possible, as I swing from one end of the garage, to the other, all at the same time- above a cement ground.

10). I used to think that zebras were just normal horses that were zoo escapees.

11). I am a minimalist, and I enjoy living a simple life, but in an extreme way.

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Liebster Or Lobster Award

Manessah’s Questions For Me:

1). If asked to wish for one super power, what would it be?  What would you do after getting it?

I would love to be able to turn myself Invisible, and fly! The “invisible” part would just be so that I didn’t cause any unnecessary heart attacks. Then, I would fly amongst the skies while I whistled some cool tunes.

2).   What would you choose: ‘A very well furnished room, in a metropolitan with every single thing you want’ or ‘A wooden hut, in the lap of most beauteous form of nature with just enough things’.

I would choose the latter of the two because I get overwhelmed with too much “stuff”.

3). If you were to marry some cartoon character, who would it be?

Gosh, there’s so many! I guess it’s a toss up between SpongeBob, James Spader and Spock. (Wait! James Spader isn’t a cartoon character, is he?)

4). Are you a morning lark or a night owl?

Just like Manessah, I am a night owl, and I can also turn my head around a full 360 degrees- (it is rare for me to divulge this special talent of mine, but I thought I’d go ahead and take the plunge; I hope I don’t scare anyone away with this fact because I’m still the same person, inside).

5). Which is the one habit you wish to get rid of but can’t?

Turning my head around in full 360 degree circles when I think no one’s around because you just never know who’s really watching…

6). What is your dream death?

Umm, my dream death??? Not to die. I mean, what if I wanted to be shot in the head…? Would that seem too weird? Buried alive? How about just a pleasant rattlesnake bite?

Being drowned in a non-chlorinated body of water might be just the ticket- (but if it’s going be my dream death, it absolutely has got to be non-chlorinated water. Chlorine tends to dry out my hair, and make my eyes itch).

7). What is an activity/hobby you enjoy doing offline/away from a computer?

Thinking about my dream death… just kiddin’. There are so many ways that I could answer this! I guess I’ll just choose one thing so as to not make this into a 15 page article.

Here we go: I thoroughly enjoy listening to music, being amongst nature, playing Blackjack (when I win, that is), dancing, dreaming, visiting with my friends and family, hanging upside down, and (umm… well, that was all just one 15 minute activity, right there).

8). What’s your favorite movie?

Lord of The Rings, A Beautiful Mind & Les Miserables! (I couldn’t choose just one)!

9). What is something that annoys you?

When people judge without knowing the entire facts, along with each and every detail that happened before, during, and after the particular situation in question.

10). What do you enjoy most about blogging?

The Fellowship I share among other insane bloggers, and knowing that my fellow-writers totally “get me” (and even if they’re just pretending to “get me”, that still counts, too)!

11). What is your ultimate goal with your blog?

Goal? I guess I hadn’t ever thought about that part of all this blogging. This, I see, is going take some reeeeal deep-thinking. I mean, reeeeal deep-thinking.

I know… wait… no, no, that’s not it. I’ve got it! It’s because… umm, let me see…hmm? Somewhere ov’r the rainbow…uh? Reeeeal deep-think… zzzzzzzzz…..

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Liebster Or Lobster Award

The 3 Bloggers that I’d like to nominate for the Liebster Award are everyone! But, since I don’t have a terribly cooperative device, right now, and thus it takes me forever to jump around from URLs back to this same screen, again, I will painstakingly choose 3:




Liebster Or Lobster Award

Guidelines for Participants:

Note: I’d like to keep all questions the same, except for #6. In place of the original question, I’d like to ask #6Who is your hero, and Why?”

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you
  • Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the award
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated.

(Thank you, again, Manessah- so much! And, I loved reading your answers to these questions)!

Liebster Or Lobster Award, BBYCGN

Did someone say, “Lobster Award”???

Copyright ©BBYCGN


  1. 🤣😂😅 I totally LOVED your answers! Your personality just shines so beautifully in this post! Like you, my attention span flies away when …. ew look at the pretty butterfly! 🦋 Hahah!

    And your Lobster is so adorable! haha! Awesome job, Tamara! You are truly an amazing soul! 👏😁💖

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwe, you are so sweet! Thank you for such lovely words of kindness ❤ In such a harsh world, it’s a great blessing to find such a sweet and beautiful person, as yourself, both, inside and out!

      Great Big Hugs!


      (Yes, no Lobsters were harmed in the making of this post. LOL)…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are truly a wonderful person, Tamara. If the world were full of people like you, I’m sure it would be a happy place for sure. Thank you for being so kind, beautiful and just being who you are. You are a gem to the planet. Hahaha! Those butterflies will get you everytime! LOL😁

        Much love to you! ❤️

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol… I am happy that you had a nice laugh…lol. I like to make people laugh, and feel happy. In fact, your comment just now made me laugh, too, in thinking about YOU laughing. Haha. That’s funny ❤ Big Hugs to You, my sweet friend. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That is so funny that it kept on changing that one word to lobster. I don’t like autocorrect at times- but it is funny what it has tried to change things to.

    Lord of the Rings- books I love, but movies I never have seen. I love these books because for starters I love the land of Middle Earth. Even the story is very adventurous and makes you want to know what is going to happen next.

    Les Misérables (2012)- that movie is so meaningful. It started my journey with that musical. Ever since about I think maybe summer 2013, I have obsessed with Les Mis. That musical turned a love of musicals into a passion and changed the way I view musicals forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! Les Miserables has such incredible, deep meaning that I wanted to get out a pen and take notes on everything! The musical was grand. And the book…Wow! I couldn’t put it down. It was a long book, but I loved it so much. I think everyone should read it!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I’m so glad you liked The Lobster…lol.




      1. The story and character has so much depth and complexity. There is just something so human about Les Mis. The characters are so interconnected that they directly and indirectly impact each others lives. It may be extremely heartbreaking and tragic, but it goes beyond: it is a tale of hope, forgiveness, love, compassion, humanity, sacrifice, and redemption. When I read the book, what helped me read it without giving up was the musical: by having knowledge from the musical I was able to understand what was going on in the book.

        Yes, I am obsessed with Les Mis. I did love musicals before Les Mis, but Les Mis is what made me develop a passion for them. Les Mis made me explore musicals from a different perspective. Les Misérables is a story that people should come across either by book or musical.

        Liked by 1 person

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