3 Day Challenge, Quote

3 Day Challenge, Quote

3 Day Challenge, Quote –

I wish to thank Manessah

for such kind and sweet behavior

in granting me this Quote Challenge,

and upon me, taking favor!

3 Day Challenge, Quote

Though I would gladly choose all of my WP friends, the 3 wonderful Bloggers that I happened to nominate are listed below, as well as the guidelines for participation.

3 Day Challenge, Quote, BBYCGN

 “Take Time to Enjoy The Simple Things in Life” is a meaningful quote to me because during my most painstaking trials in life, it was always the simple pleasures that would capture me- like a gentle sea breeze- letting me know that joy and love were beside me, through God’s Grace.

It is these simple things and experiences in life which remain of greater importance in my memory- as opposed to that of grand material purchases, or popular trends.

The simplest, yet sweetest experiences and memories in life, tend to involve my beautiful family, beloved friends, church, prayer, pets, nature, and breathing.

Plus, I am really a simple person in a most complicated sort of way.

Naughty CatMeOOW!

The lovely 3 Bloggers whom, in turn, I nominate are as follows (No pressure if you do not wish to participate):

1). Godly Chic Diaries

2). Tony’s Bologna

3). The Renegade Press

Here are the rules for the challenge:

Thank the person that nominated you in your post

Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote per day)

Nominate 3 different bloggers to participate in this challenge each day

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  1. This quote is amazing! I see so many people who seemingly have it all, yet are so miserable. Then I look at those who don’t have nearly as much as others do, but they find happiness in the simplest of things.

    I really enjoyed all of your quotes, Tamara! 😁👏

    Liked by 1 person

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