1 Day Challenge, Quote

1 Day Challenge, Quote, BBYCGN

1 Day Challenge, Quote –

Thank you, dear Manessah, for choosing me as one of the three (3) writers for the Three (3) Day Challenge of Quotes to have great fun!

I am brimming with delight at your request, and I am enjoying choosing 3 special quotes, even though I have a ton!


My Quote is below, including 3 Blogs I further nominated, and the rules 🙂 No pressure!

1 Day Challenge, Quote

1 Day Challenge, Quote, BBYCGN

1 Day Challenge, Quote

This quote sings, not just a beautiful truth, but a necessary one. It hurts to love someone and have that person pass away; we are shell-shocked. Within our pain, we refuse any comfort. To love makes us vulnerable to excruciating pain; it is an inevitable truth in life.

However, love is worth it! Loving someone else (and receiving it), is the greatest pleasure we can possess! What is life without love? I am not only speaking about romantic love but also that all-consuming love we have for our family, and the joy of loving our friends, and pets.

I will repeat these words because of their importance: What is life without love?

As human beings, we are going to experience grief, desperation, loneliness, and despair throughout our entire lives whether we ‘love’, or do not. So, we might as well just get down to it, and bask in the profound beauty of this great miracle!




I would like to tag these 3 unique blogs (If they wish to accept, and if not, that’s okay!):

Chaotic Shapes 

Navigate My Recovery

Beauty Beyond Bones

Here are the rules for the challenge:

Thank the person that nominated you in your post

Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote per day)

Nominate 3 different bloggers to participate in this challenge.



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