Enablers Enjoy Being Mounted By Narcissists, Creative Writing

Enablers enjoy being mounted by Narcissists, and visa versa. This is an emotional mounting in which I am speaking. Narcissistic individuals need total control and they take this control by calling all the shots.

Enablers, Yancosky

These dangerous Enablers (the Narcissists’ helpful sidekicks who are closer to the Narcissists than the mindless Flying Monkeys), enjoy being mounted, and used by Narcissists. In fact, this sick dance between the Enablers and the Narcissists bring a noticeable glow to the Enablers’ faces. I know…right? Ewwww…Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers and Flying Monkeys completely turn their backs on the victims (even if both parties were formerly close friends).

Even worse is their cruel tactics of pretending to be the victims’ friend, just so that they can retain close enough contact with the victims, in order to garner confidential information from him/her, in which they will excitedly take back to their Narcissists.

Enablers, Yancosky

The Narcissist will then use this highly personal information to further exploit, and damage the victim’s reputation, while also cunningly adding, or deducting, a few of his/her own (undetectable) twists and turns, to the actual truth.

Enablers, Yancosky

Narcissists’ Enablers and Flying Monkeys might even stalk the Narcissists’ victims (and report back to the Narcissists with their findings), while continuing to harass the victims long after the “relationship” is over between the Narcissists and his/her prey.

Enablers, Yancosky

What goes on “behind closed doors” is irrelevant to the Narcissist’s Flying Monkeys, and Enablers. They are not in it for the Truth, but rather, for the excitement of the Smear Campaign, itself, and the close bonding it brings between them, and that of the Enablers, fellow-Flying Monkeys, and the idolized, Covert Narcissist.

Enablers, Yancosky

And seriously, once you get a better understanding of just how empty Narcissists, Enablers, and Flying Monkeys really are, it suddenly becomes clear that if you weren’t writing about these darkly disordered people, to try to warn others about their evil influences, you’d actually give it all up.

You know why?

Because Narcissists, Enablers, and Flying Monkeys are a terribly boring bunch.


Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers, Yancosky Enablers, Yancosky

Enablers, Yancosky Enablers, Yancosky

Followers of The Dark



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