Love Bombing, Creative Writing

Love Bombing Narcissist

I suppose

his face was handsome,

and his eyes,

a deep, soulful-brown

(or, were they velvet-blue?);

yet, his lips were full

of Future-Faking,

and his every word,

deceitful and untrue.


Of course,

his (plagiarizing) fingers

were artistic,

and his arms 

could have held me,

forever, tight;

but his mind,

always ten steps ahead,

was ecstatically planning

my final discard

to his vivid delight.



his voice was richly deep,

and his (masked) presence

made me melt;

yet, his inner-core

was barely human;

my abandonment

was the hand

he purposely dealt.



it would seem

that his heart

was full of love,

in the way

that his chosen songs

Love-Bombed the air;

but, his actions proved

completely otherwise,

as he shoved me aside,

his soulmate,

without ever a care.

Love Bombing, Yancosky

Loving Bombing

Men and women, both, would do well to learn the Red Flags of spotting Covert Narcissists so as not to become ensnared by these dangerous entities.

Narcissists not only wreck devastation and havoc in romantic relationships, but they also do so in the work-place, family-circles, churches, and all other types of relationships, as well.

If given any entryway, Narcissists will ruin their victims financially, socially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, without any remorse, whatsoever.

These kind are known to have little, to no conscience, capacity for remorse, inner-awareness, or empathy for anyone outside of themselves, except for what they masterfully feign.

In these pseudo romantic relationships, the Love Bombing can come on strong, but the Devaluation Phase of the abuse-cycle rides into the victim’s life insidiously, and can make a target feel as if they are going completely crazy.

These Dark Personalities are masters of deception and they always hold grand schemes up their sleeves consisting of invisible manipulation and brainwashing tactics. They seriously suck… the life out of their victims.

The euphoria of the Love Bombing Phase brought on by a Narcissist will inevitably turn into pain, addiction and despair.

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

Love Bombing Narcissist Yancosky

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© 2019 Yancosky


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